2012 first seed starts

Here’s the kickoff of my 2012 vegetable container garden. I started some seeds in my garage, to get a jump on the growing season. I use a heat mat to urge the little plants to get started.

I’m trying three starting methods:

  1. a plain flat pan, filled with moist seed starter mix, for the chives;
  2. a tray of 72 cells containing the same mix, into which I planted leeks, which looks like this empty:


  3. a Park Seeds 40-cell Jumbo planting block in a Bio-Dome, which looks like this when it’s empty:


It feels good to have some spring seeds started. This is my fourth gardening season, and I hope to make the entire year productive.  How hard could it be?  Heck, it’s the end of January and I’m still harvesting 15 tomatoes every few days!

Here are photos of the starts.





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