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Kailey enjoys fresh garden goodies

Kailey, our almost-10-year-old guinea pig, is quite in love with the garden harvests. Here, she enjoys leaf lettuce, and almost tastes the camera!

Leaf lettuce gets a trim and I get a salad!

In preparation for being away for a few days, I trimmed the outer leaves from my one leaf lettuce plant, totally changing its look. Here’s the before and after pictures, and a picture of the harvest. I grabbed the ready tomatoes, too. This stuff is sooo tasty.




Kale, Dill, And Basil = the Cotyledon Forest

Seedlings emerge from seeds with the familiar white stem we think of as a “sprout”, topped by a set of special leaves. This first set of leaves looks nothing like the leaves this plant will grow next and forever. This initial set of leaves is called the cotyledons. The leaves that follow, in the shape characteristic of the plant type, are the true leaves.

Here’s our own miniature “forest” of cotyledons, mostly kale, with some other herbs stepping up.


Here are chives, bustin’ out. The one on the left is just short of a centimeter in length.

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