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Grow, grow, ripen, ripen

a future treat in the making

Each evening, I browse through my garden, checking for the twilight invaders (squirrels and rats and snails, oh, my!) I also take that time to do a little cheerleading, chanting “grow, grow, ripen, ripen” as I go.

Here’s one beauty of a tomato that’s trying to ripen, although his plant sort of fell over and is shaded most of the time.

I call this guy “Potential!”

Peaches in winter?

Confused peach blossom

I have a small peach tree in my garden area. Since it’s winter, and peach trees are deciduous, my peach tree has not one leaf on it. This didn’t dissuade my tree from popping out dozens of blossoms in the 80° weather we’ve had lately. The tree is totally incapable of photosynthesis, without leaves, but it still wants to bloom.

I’m hoping that it will bloom out again in the spring, when the blossoms have a chance to become real fruit!

Lettuce and tomatoes today

leaf lettuce plant

leaf lettuce pickings   

Leaf lettuce bouquet

The leaf lettuce plant was lookin’ very large and rangy today, so I snipped off the largest outermost leaves for a little salad. Makes a nice little bouquet, and the plant can now focus on growing the smaller leaves.

And in that bouquet, we have...

Today's tomatoes

These tomatoes came in today. Anyone have a good recipe for tomato sauce?

Today's tomatoes