Monthly Archives: March 2012

Herb babies

I planted out a few herbs grown from seed 2 weeks ago. Here’s how they look today:







Hopeful strawberries

These 3 year old Sequoia strawberries are doing their best to ripen in these first days of Spring.


Garlic, too!

I planted 3 containers of garlic last Sunday, and these babies are the first to pop up:

garlic seedlings

Three emerging Inchelium Red garlic plants

Three boxes of leeks

I planted out several dozen of my 52 leek seedlings, spread over 3 GrowBoxes. They’re a giant variety so I wanted them to have plenty of room. No growth since I planted them out 7 days ago. These were probably shocked a bit when I transplanted them, because I removed the seedlings from their potting mix, to separate nearby seedlings from each other. We shall see…

leek seedlings

Leek seedlings, with Romaine lettuce volunteers

Note the romaine lettuce in with the leeks. I didn’t intend to plant these. I think the seeds dropped in when I was arranging things on my grow-light table. I’m not going to turn down a couple of healthy lettuce plants, so I planted those out, too, in a small window box on my lettuce table out back.


And here’s one of 3 GrowBoxes containing leeks. (note that most of these photos can be clicked to link to larger versions of the photos.)