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Sugar Snap Peas, a new approach (for me, anyway!)

I planted 18 sugar snap peas almost a month ago, and only two germinated. Here they are:

non-innoculated sugar snap peas

(Note that all the photos are clickable to larger versions.)

I did a little reading, and learned that legumes benefit from being “innoculated” with a special garden soil mix of bacteria. I found this one at Walter Anderson nursery:

Dr. Earth Soil Innoculant

I first soaked the peas in water for 24 hours and drained them. While wet, I sprinkled about a third of this half-ounce package of Dr. Earth SuperActive Biological Soil Innoculant over the peas and stirred gently. The innoculant combined with the water into a syrupy black coating for the peas. I then planted up two Grow-Boxes of 18-20 plants each. I planted a few in a beet Grow-Box, too, since the beets are almost done. Just for comparison with future photos, here’s one Grow-Box, freshly planted. (Yep, no plants here at all. Like I said, I include it here just as a baseline for comparison with future photos of this box. Here’s hoping I get a real forest of sugar snap peas before the weather turns hot!

Just-planted sugar snap pea Grow-Box