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Lettuces are nearly full-grown

I planted two kinds of butterhead-style lettuces in mid-spring: Buttercrunch and the chartreuse Mantilia. They’re close to being full-grown, so I’ll begin picking them pretty soon. While you can harvest them by snipping the outer leaves, I think I’ll pick whole heads, so I can see just how large the last head gets before I pick it. Here they are:

Buttercrunch lettuce, almost ready to pick.

Mantilia lettuce, in a window box.

Red and green leaf lettuce

Here are the red and green leaf lettuces. I’ve been snip-harvesting these for awhile. Each night, I walk the garden before bedtime, making sure no snails or slugs have taken up residence. I’ve taken to carrying Kailey, my guinea pig, with me. She usually gets a few lettuce leaves while we’re on patrol. She’s no good at snail hunting, so I put her in charge of morale. ;^)

Japanese Soya Cucumber plants are doing just great this year

I’ve grown Japanese Soya cucumbers for each of the last three years. These are very similar to the plastic-wrapped store-bought English cucumber, or Hothouse cucumber, in that they are ribbed and long. The fruit this year are much larger than in years past. The longer they grow, the more the diameter grows and flattens out the deep ridges. These cucumbers are “burpless” due to the seeds being small and few in number. Great treat on a hot day. Here are some photos:

GrowBox of Japanese Soya cucumbers

Next cuke I’ll harvest, currently about 16 inches long. Note how the ribs have almost flattened out.

another cuke ripening

Curvy cuke

Sweet corn on the Fourth of July

A friend of mine owns a farm in Kansas, where he grows corn. He told me that the corn is supposed to be knee-high by the Fourth of July.

Mirai Sweet Corn, July 4, 2012

My corn didn’t get the memo, because they’re about seven feet tall. Most stalks carry two ears, and a few carry just one. I planted two GrowBoxes with 10 plants each, for a total of 20 Mirai sweet corn plants. So far, I have around 16 ears going. Here’s a portrait of those plants:

Fourth of July Sugar Snap Peas

I have two GrowBoxes planted in sugar snap peas.  In one box, about half the plants died off before they got two feet tall.  The remaining plants in that box did OK, just barely outrunning the powdery mildew that sneaks up from the bottom of the plant.  Here it is:


Spindly peas. Click to enlarge

The other box did much better. All the plants thrived, and grew to about six feet. Here it is:


Big snap pea plants. Click to enlarge

Since the boxes sit on a bunny-proof 18″ shelf, and the box itself is almost a foot tall, the tops of the pea plants are about 11 feet up. I had to stand on tiptoe and jump to grab some of the peas so I could snip them. I brought in 2.5 pounds of crisp snap peas today. No better treat! Here they are:

2.5 pounds of snap peas. Click to enlarge