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Fourth of July Sugar Snap Peas

I have two GrowBoxes planted in sugar snap peas.  In one box, about half the plants died off before they got two feet tall.  The remaining plants in that box did OK, just barely outrunning the powdery mildew that sneaks up from the bottom of the plant.  Here it is:


Spindly peas. Click to enlarge

The other box did much better. All the plants thrived, and grew to about six feet. Here it is:


Big snap pea plants. Click to enlarge

Since the boxes sit on a bunny-proof 18″ shelf, and the box itself is almost a foot tall, the tops of the pea plants are about 11 feet up. I had to stand on tiptoe and jump to grab some of the peas so I could snip them. I brought in 2.5 pounds of crisp snap peas today. No better treat! Here they are:

2.5 pounds of snap peas. Click to enlarge

Shallot thinnings


Click to enlarge

I planted shallot from seed in one GrowBox, a few months ago. They’re a couple of feet tall but not too big around yet. I thought they may be too crowded so I pulled a few to thin them out. These look like giant green onions, so we’ll try using them as such.

First garlic, hung to cure


Click to enlarge

A box of Inchelium Red garlic, planted on March 18, was ready to dig today. To cure them, I clothes-pinned them to a tomato cage in an always-shady spot by my front door. Most are small. Almost half didn’t grow into cloves — just big onion shaped garlic. We’ll see how they taste in a few weeks after they’re braided.


Click to enlarge

Today’s cuke

Big and beautiful!  Several more to be picked soon.