Birds like dry water boxes

A few months ago, I noticed a bird chirping around one of my dormant GrowBoxes. While I was working in the garden early one morning, I noticed the bird perch on the water port of the box, and then disappear into the waterbox itself. A few seconds later, it emerged, and a minute later, it returned, with a twig in its mouth. I looked inside and saw a bunch of twigs. This little bird had been busy for a long time getting all that stuff into the waterbox.  I set up my iPhone on a tripod and shot this:

I figured that box was lost to me, at least for the spring. I wasn’t about to destroy an active nest. However, I noticed that the birds stopped coming around. I waited a couple of weeks, and after seeing no activity, I disassembled the GrowBox to clean out the twigs, so I could use it. Inside, I found the abandoned nest, with a few eggs in it, as you see below. Mom must have met up with one of our many red-tailed hawks, or perhaps an owl.

Twigs and nest in GrowBox

Close-up of nest in GrowBox reservoir

Nest in GrowBox

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