Today’s cuke

Big and beautiful!  Several more to be picked soon.


Sugar snap peas for the weekend


Here’s today’s pick of sugar snap peas, resting in ice water to pull the field heat off them quickly. This is about 1.75 pounds of big, round pods.

The fruit is staying ahead of the inevitable powdery mildew that visits most leafy plants here. I think these pea plants will finish up before the mildew slows them down.

First cucumbers of the summer

Here are the first 2 Japanese Soya cucumbers of the summer.

They were growing longer and fatter faster than they were losing their deep ribs, so I decided to pick them.

The squirrels never got to these. (I’ve trapped and relocated about 15 squirrels this season. It’s a good thing they like apples and peanut butter more than my plants!)

The longer one weighs 1.5 pounds, the smaller is 1.25 pounds.

Taste? I’ll let you know soon!



Lettuce and tomatoes today

leaf lettuce plant

leaf lettuce pickings   

Leaf lettuce bouquet

The leaf lettuce plant was lookin’ very large and rangy today, so I snipped off the largest outermost leaves for a little salad. Makes a nice little bouquet, and the plant can now focus on growing the smaller leaves.

And in that bouquet, we have...

Today's tomatoes

These tomatoes came in today. Anyone have a good recipe for tomato sauce?

Today's tomatoes