Let us have lettuce! In fact, four kinds!

Since my lettuces are doing well, and are big enough to look like smaller versions of mature plants, I thought I’d publish some portraits!

I raise all these in shallow “windowboxes” set atop a folding table, to keep them out of reach of the cottontail rabbits that visit. I wish the squirrels were as easy to thwart. That’s why I have four live traps in the garden — to help me relocate the salad-bar-loving squirrels who visit from the canyon behind my yard.

Here’s the leaf lettuce, both a red and a green variety:

Red and green leaf lettuce

I also planted a couple of “butterhead” lettuces. This category forms a loosely-organized head, sort of halfway between a leaf lettuce and a true head lettuce.

First, we have Buttercrunch Lettuce, still pretty young. This variety germinates and grows pretty slowly:

Baby buttercrunch lettuce

My second butterhead variety is called Mantilia. It’s chartreuse, an unusual lettuce color. Pretty! Hope it’s as tasty as it is pretty, but I’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out.

Mantilia butterhead lettuce

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