Loved the Brussel sprouts

No photo here, just a report that Jan served up the Brussels sprouts I harvest last week. Very tasty, but too few. I’ll try to get another crop in before the weather gets too warm.

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  1. Oh my! Brussel sprouts! Glad you were able to save the crop from those pesky birds to have some for yourselves. My sister just sent me a great recipe for a brussel sprout salad…I’ll pass it along if you and Jan would like.

    It’s really fun to see your garden growing by leaps and bounds. And how nice to pluck a few kale leaves at a time. Super convenient. Lettuce, too, I imagine.

    And those tomatoes! I can’t believe you have tomatoes already. They are just beginning to show up in our markets…but we get much colder winters here, to be sure. The herbs are coming back, too so I’m just about ready to say I’ve had my fill of winter brussel sprouts and butternut squash and start to take on the tomato and basil season! ;}

    Glad to catch up!

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