Stealthy Brussels Sprouting

Munched brocolli

I’ve had some challenges with the brassica family of plants, specifically broccoli and Brussels sprouts. It seems the birds are bigger fans of these plants than I am, and more diligent visitors to the planters. The canyon rats got into my fall planting of brocolli, and left me with this munched box of brocolli.

I also planted Brussels sprouts last fall, and they may still do OK. So far, the birds like the leaves, but the sprouts themselves are untouched. They’re growing stealthily under the cover of the leaf canopy.

Brussels sprouts, hiding from the birds

They should be ready to harvest pretty soon, and we’ll see how much we get from the four plants we have here.

Next fall, I’ll plant more of these and keep them under a floating row cover, to filter out the bugs that like them.