Lettuces are nearly full-grown

I planted two kinds of butterhead-style lettuces in mid-spring: Buttercrunch and the chartreuse Mantilia. They’re close to being full-grown, so I’ll begin picking them pretty soon. While you can harvest them by snipping the outer leaves, I think I’ll pick whole heads, so I can see just how large the last head gets before I pick it. Here they are:

Buttercrunch lettuce, almost ready to pick.

Mantilia lettuce, in a window box.

Red and green leaf lettuce

Here are the red and green leaf lettuces. I’ve been snip-harvesting these for awhile. Each night, I walk the garden before bedtime, making sure no snails or slugs have taken up residence. I’ve taken to carrying Kailey, my guinea pig, with me. She usually gets a few lettuce leaves while we’re on patrol. She’s no good at snail hunting, so I put her in charge of morale. ;^)