A pair of cucumbers

Here’s a pair I picked today, for gifting. Together, they weigh 3.5 pounds.


Japanese Soya Cucumber plants are doing just great this year

I’ve grown Japanese Soya cucumbers for each of the last three years. These are very similar to the plastic-wrapped store-bought English cucumber, or Hothouse cucumber, in that they are ribbed and long. The fruit this year are much larger than in years past. The longer they grow, the more the diameter grows and flattens out the deep ridges. These cucumbers are “burpless” due to the seeds being small and few in number. Great treat on a hot day. Here are some photos:

GrowBox of Japanese Soya cucumbers

Next cuke I’ll harvest, currently about 16 inches long. Note how the ribs have almost flattened out.

another cuke ripening

Curvy cuke

Today’s cuke

Big and beautiful!  Several more to be picked soon.


First cucumbers of the summer

Here are the first 2 Japanese Soya cucumbers of the summer.

They were growing longer and fatter faster than they were losing their deep ribs, so I decided to pick them.

The squirrels never got to these. (I’ve trapped and relocated about 15 squirrels this season. It’s a good thing they like apples and peanut butter more than my plants!)

The longer one weighs 1.5 pounds, the smaller is 1.25 pounds.

Taste? I’ll let you know soon!