First garlic, hung to cure


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A box of Inchelium Red garlic, planted on March 18, was ready to dig today. To cure them, I clothes-pinned them to a tomato cage in an always-shady spot by my front door. Most are small. Almost half didn’t grow into cloves — just big onion shaped garlic. We’ll see how they taste in a few weeks after they’re braided.


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Up and Coming Garlic

I planted my garlic on March 18, and here’s where (and how high) they stand today, 2 weeks later.
More garlicChet's Italian garlic

Inchelium Red garlic, some from last year's harvest

Garlic, too!

I planted 3 containers of garlic last Sunday, and these babies are the first to pop up:

garlic seedlings

Three emerging Inchelium Red garlic plants