Lacinato Kale harvest

Today, I harvested my first kale of the spring. You may recall that I started a few items, including the kale, from seed, on January 29. About 65 days later, I snip-harvest about one and a half pounds of lacinato kale, also known as dinosaur kale.

Here’s how the plants looked after I snipped the outside leaves:


Part of the reason I harvested was that, since these plants are in containers and I want the most production from each container, the plants are close together. When they get big, they can shade other plants. Periodic snip-harvesting the largest outside leaves solves this problem. It also gives us some great food, plus the plants get to concentrate their growth energy into the small remaining leaves. Win-win-win!

Here is tonight’s haul, including both lacinato kale and Scotch dwarf blue kale, a curly variety.