My Garden Plan at

I subscribe to a great gardening blog at This website also offers a paid subscription service called Garden Planner. Not sure it’s unique to GrowVeg, because I’ve seen it offered on other sites, too.

Garden Planner lets you lay a little birds-eye-view map of your garden. You provide your location, and the service will send you a couple of emails per month with general news, plus specific advice on growing the plants you specified in your Garden Planner. For example, if you’ve put sugar snap peas in your Garden Planner, the website will let you know when the time comes to direct-sow your sugar snap pea seeds in San Diego. You also get a cool graphic of your garden plan that you can share.

Check out my current garden plan here.

Here’s how it looks on this day, June 3, 2012:

My garden plan (click to enlarge)